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We Design & Manufacture

Vegan Vegetarian Leather Products

Using Plant-Based Sustainable Materials

& Without Any Animal By-products

Who We Are




We are an own equipment, as well as an own design manufacturer, specialising in eco-friendly non animal based products. We focus on sustainable next-gen materials including plant based bio-leathers. Your designs are welcomed in both CAD form or a Tech Pack for us to develop.

Brand Supplier


MOIC have been supplying international brands for over 30 years and are here to provide support in product development for eco conscious companies to create and grow their brand. We are able to provide the latest high quality materials and components to meet your needs.

What We Do




We advise, support and create your ideas, designs, product features and specifications through our UK design team’s skills and experience in working with top international brands.



We take your sample brief including specifications, material and component requirements to create a hand made prototype which will include your branding & biodegradable packaging options.



After you’ve approved the prototype sample, we create a pilot run for testing, before commencing with material and component procurement, full scale production and quality control.

Why We Do It




We believe that everyone on our planet should contribute to helping keep our environment as clean and pollution free as possible for all those that inhabit it, be it humans or animals.



Discussing, debating and explaining are the elements of making people aware of the harm being caused by using products that are harmful to our environment, with the purpose of converting them to a more eco-friendly lifestyle



Giving is better than receiving, especially for those that need it more than us and who cannot help themselves. Whether this is educating and helping children, or safeguarding animals from cruelty. Contact us to find out more.

Our Work




Introduce existing & new customers in innovative product design and development using sustainable and conscious manufacturing methods with no animal by-products.



Continually invest in plant based leathers and support next-gen material manufacturers for creating new and exciting materials to use in your eco-friendly product ranges.



Ensure the growth and use of environmentally safe materials and components that have a low carbon footprint and which have a positive impact on our planet.

Our Ethics




Sustainability is at the core of our thinking, when we design, develop and manufacture your products, ensuring minimal waste of all materials and resources during the production cycle.



We believe in being completely transparent in the way we work and this includes all the materials and components we use in the production of your products and eco-friendly packaging.

No-Animal Products


We don’t use any animal based products in any of the manufacturing processes and include fruit, vegetable & plant based materials, water based glues and soy inks.

Our Planet


Low Carbon


We use locally sourced materials wherever possible, sustainably grown and use shipping methods that keep our carbon footprint as low as possible.



We believe there is no need nowadays to use any plastics in our packaging and instead use recycled card and vegetable pulp which is biodegradable.



We incorporate materials into your designs, so that they can be reused, up-cycled and recycled to create a circular economy to benefit our planet.


Our Materials




Our vegetarian leather ranges are made from apples, pineapples, cactus, bamboo with new fruit, vegetable and plant-based vegan options under development.



We use a wide variety of sustainably sourced organic materials including 100% organic cotton, natural organic hemp, tencel made from wood pulp, and natural cork.



Recycling materials creates a circular economy, the materials we use include recycled plastic bottles, recycled Water based PU, as well as recycled metals for our hardware.

Handbags Crossbody Backpacks Cosmetic Bags Purses Wallets Cardholders Belts Keyrings Luggage tags Tech Cases Tech Covers Jewellery Boxes

Environmentally Friendly

Why Use MOIC
for Your Vegan Brand?

We look after the whole process from design, prototype, sampling, tooling, production, quality control & shipping to your door.

Conscious Manufacturing

An eco-friendly approach to responsible design and manufacturing, using sustainable materials, keeping waste to a minimum during the development stage,, repurposing and recycling material off-cuts and avoiding the use of animal skins & by-products.

MOIC has over 30 years in product design experience and craftsmanship to create premium products that have as little environmental impact as possible on our planet and believe that quality materials, workmanship, functionality and sustainable design can be produced at reasonable price points.

Our experienced procurement department and manufacturing assembly lines, make it easier for brands to quickly source, sample, manufacture & launch new products with our vegan materials which are REACH compliant, including the outer material, lining, labels & tags. All our packaging is biodegradable.

Our principals of sustainable sourcing and transparency throughout the manufacturing process, gives us a unique advantage in conscious manufacturing using alternatives to traditional animal leather, including the latest fruit & vegetable vegetarian leathers which is growing in demand by eco-friendly consumers.

The vegetarian leather & vegan components we use include: bio pineapple leather - bio banana leather - bio apple leather - bio cactus leather - bio bamboo leather - bio paper leather - recycled cotton & water based materials & RPET

Our hardware metal products use recycled metals which are plated using eco friendly processes, avoiding harmful chemicals which impact the environment.

MOIC Client Testimonials

"We have been working with MOIC since the inception of Votch 6 years ago. Being totally new to manufacturing and quality control, Ron and his team have been integral in building the success of our brand and ensuring we are selling a product of the highest quality. Always a pleasure to deal with, quick responses, reliable and always having our best interest at heart, I wholeheartedly recommend MOIC to anyone."



Our Team Leaders

Lead Consultant

Ron Moss

Ron has a degree in product design and 30 years experience in product development & manufacturing.

Lead Production

Sarah Liu

Sarah has over 12 years experience in product procurement and is a valuable leader for her team.

Lead Materials

Joel Lee

Joel has a degree in environmental science and researchers new material ideas, bio-leather innovation. 

Lead Compliance

Jonny Phillips

Jonny’s has a degree in humanitarian sciences and advises on the environmental impact on our health. 

Lead Sales

Danielle Su

Danielle has been with the company for 10 years and has degrees in Business Management & English language.


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