Corn Bio-Leather

A Natural Vegan Leather


Eco-friendly & Sustainable

Corn Bio-leather

Natural & Eco-Friendly



Corn bio-leather is an organic cotton blend that is combined with a cornstarch and ricinus natural oil, providing an alternative leather with similar qualities as animal leather such as suppleness, durability and texture. 

  • Handbags, Purses & Wallets
  • Tech Devices Cases & Covers
  • Mens & ladies belts
  • Keyrings, Luggage Tags & Small Accessories
  • Jackets, Gloves & Clothing
  • Desktop Stationery
  • Mens & Ladies Footwear
  • Sofas, Furniture & Soft Furnishings
natural cornstarch sustainable eco friendly material

Corn Bio-Leather

Product Categories

Examples of Colour & Texture Options

Corn Bio-Leather


Corn leather is an animal-free alternative to animal skins. It’s an organic plant material used for making the base material, making it an ideal material to use on vegan friendly products on products including handbags, purses, wallets, belts as well as other fashion accessories that would normally use animal skins. The amount of corn plant content varies from 35% – 65%, depending on the application, as well as the customer requirements.  The feel of ‘Corn Leather’ is soft and is durable to manufacture a range of products that normal animal leather is used.

Corn plant-based ‘leather’ is a preferred choice for eco-conscious companies  over other plant based materials which have a lower plant content, typically up to 30%.

Corn is harvested yearly, and is processed to extract dextrose, which the material fibres are made from, which a polymer is created from . This process doesn’t require the use of petrochemicals. 

Corn ‘leather’ is available in different thicknesses and textures to suit different applications. A range of smooth and grainy textures can be achieved including embossed textures.

Corn ‘vegetarian leather’ has a lower environmental impact, than most traditional leathers and normal PU materials, as well as a sustainable option to some  animal leathers.

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