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Bamboo Vegan Friendly Vegetarian Leather

Why Bamboo Leather?
Bamboo is one of the quickest growing plants on the planet, so when harvested a new plant is quickly established. It’s an ideal plant to be utilised in bio leather manufacturing due to it’s sustainable qualities, low carbon footprint and biodegradable properties, which break down and reintegrate with nature without causing any harm to the planet, making it an ideal material for ‘vegan’ leather.

How Is Bamboo Bio Leather Made?
The bamboo plants are harvested and broken down into chips which create a natural pulp which are then processed into fibres which are then spun into yarn, creating a very soft and smooth woven textile. This is mixed with natural cellulose to create a plant-based bio leather, and is finished different grain and texture options, depending on it’s final use.

Creative & Versatile
The versatility of bamboo plant fibres mixed with natural cellulose for binding, is an ideal ‘vegan’ leather which can be printed or embossed. It’s soft to the touch with a leathery feel and is durable and long lasting. It’s scratch resistant, water resistant, stain resistant, lightweight, and is ideal for products which are normally made from animal leather and comes in a range of finishes, colours and thicknesses to suit every application.

Environmental Credentials
Eco-friendly with a low environmental impact, bamboo bio leather is manufactured using eco-conscious, non-toxic processes, which reduce the carbon footprint by 33% compared to normal PU or animal leathers. Bamboo ‘vegan’ leather is 75% plant based and weighs 30% less than animal leather, which makes this a preferred product of designers and manufacturers responsible for major fashion and accessory brands requiring a vegan and non-animal related material.

Next-Gen Materials
MOIC continually looks for innovative next-generation materials and animal leather alternatives to work with and collaborate with innovators, developers and manufacturers in this field for new, innovative and the latest trends in non-animal sustainable materials. Mushroom leather is the latest trend to be developed and this is currently in the testing stage and will be available soon. 

No Animal By-Products
MOIC does not use any animal based products, including by-products and this includes animal leathers and glues which contain animal gelatin. We also avoid PU materials which include harmful chemicals in the production process. Instead, we use water-based materials, vegetable & fruit based leathers as well as bio materials including paper, cellulose, apple, pineapple, wheat & bamboo.

Rpet For Lining, Labels & Tags
The linings we use are manufactured from RPET (Recycled Plastic Bottles) and we use bamboo for out tags and labels. 

Biodegradable Packaging
Our packaging is manufactured from recycled card as well as vegetable pulp, so is biodegradable & compostable.

Printing With Soy Inks
We print our labels & tags with Soy inks, avoiding any harsh chemicals used in normal ink dyes.

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